The Gravity Probe B test of general relativity

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The Gravity Probe B test of general relativity

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Title: The Gravity Probe B test of general relativity
Author: Everitt, C W F; Muhlfelder, B; DeBra, D B; Parkinson, B W; Turneaure, J P; Silbergleit, A S; Acworth, E B; Adams, M; Adler, R; Bencze, W J; Berberian, J E; Bernier, R J; Bower, K A; Brumley, R W; Buchman, S; Burns, K; Clarke, B; Conklin, J W; Eglington, M L; Green, G; Gutt, G; Gwo, D H; Hanuschak, G; He, X; Heifetz, M I; Hipkins, D N; Holmes, T J; Kahn, R A; Keiser, G M; Kozaczuk, J A; Langenstein, T; Li, J; Lipa, J A; Lockhart, J M; Luo, M; Mandel, I; Marcelja, F; Mester, J C; Ndili, A; Ohshima, Y; Overduin, J; Salomon, M; Santiago, D I; Shestople, P; Solomonik, V G; Stahl, K; Taber, M; Van Patten, R A; Wang, S; Wade, J R; Worden, P W; Bartel, N; Herman, L; Lebach, D E; Ratner, M; Ransom, R R; Shapiro, Irwin I.; Small, H; Stroozas, B; Geveden, R; Goebel, J H; Horack, J; Kolodziejczak, J; Lyons, A J; Olivier, J; Peters, P; Smith, M; Till, W; Wooten, L; Reeve, W; Anderson, M; Bennett, N R; Burns, K; Dougherty, H; Dulgov, P; Frank, D; Huff, L W; Katz, R; Kirschenbaum, J; Mason, G; Murray, D; Parmley, R; Ratner, M I; Reynolds, G; Rittmuller, P; Schweiger, P F; Shehata, S; Triebes, K; VandenBeukel, J; Vassar, R; Al-Saud, T; Al-Jadaan, A; Al-Jibreen, H; Al-Meshari, M; Al-Suwaidan, B

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Citation: Everitt, C W F, B Muhlfelder, D B DeBra, B W Parkinson, J P Turneaure, A S Silbergleit, E B Acworth, et al. 2015. “The Gravity Probe B Test of General Relativity.” Classical and Quantum Gravity 32 (22) (November 17): 224001. doi:10.1088/0264-9381/32/22/224001.
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Abstract: The Gravity Probe B mission provided two new quantitative tests of Einstein's theory of gravity, general relativity (GR), by cryogenic gyroscopes in Earth's orbit. Data from four gyroscopes gave a geodetic drift-rate of −6601.8 ± 18.3 marc-s yr−1 and a frame-dragging of −37.2 ± 7.2 marc-s yr−1, to be compared with GR predictions of −6606.1 and −39.2 marc-s yr−1 (1 marc-s = 4.848 × 10−9 radians). The present paper introduces the science, engineering, data analysis, and heritage of Gravity Probe B, detailed in the accompanying 20 CQG papers.
Published Version: doi:10.1088/0264-9381/32/22/224001
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