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    • DICER1 mutations in childhood cystic nephroma and its relationship to DICER1-renal sarcoma 

      Doros, Leslie A; Rossi, Christopher T; Yang, Jiandong; Field, Amanda; Williams, Gretchen M; Messinger, Yoav; Cajaiba, Mariana M; Perlman, Elizabeth J; A Schultz, Kris; Cathro, Helen P; Legallo, Robin D; LaFortune, Kristin A; Chikwava, Kudakwashe R; Faria, Paulo; Geller, James I; Dome, Jeffrey S; Mullen, Elizabeth A; Gratias, Eric J; Dehner, Louis P; Hill, D Ashley (Nature Publishing Group, 2014)
      The pathogenesis of cystic nephroma of the kidney has interested pathologists for over 50 years. Emerging from its initial designation as a type of unilateral multilocular cyst, cystic nephroma has been considered as either ...