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    • Increased mRNA Levels of TCF7L2 and MYC of the Wnt Pathway in Tg-ArcSwe Mice and Alzheimer's Disease Brain 

      Blom, Elin S.; Wang, Yijing; Skoglund, Lena; Hansson, Anita C.; Ubaldi, Massimo; Lourdusamy, Anbarasu; Sommer, Wolfgang H.; Mielke, Matthew; Heilig, Markus; Lannfelt, Lars; Nilsson, Lars N. G.; Ingelsson, Martin; Hyman, Bradley Theodore (SAGE-Hindawi Access to Research, 2010)
      Several components in the Wnt pathway, including β-catenin and glycogen synthase kinase 3 beta, have been implied in AD pathogenesis. Here, mRNA brain levels from five-month-old tg-ArcSwe and nontransgenic mice were compared ...