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    • Promoter polymorphism of the erythropoietin gene in severe diabetic eye and kidney complications 

      Tong, Z.; Yang, Z.; Patel, Shrena; Chen, H.; Gibbs, D.; Yang, X.; Hau, V. S.; Kaminoh, Y.; Harmon, J.; Pearson, E.; Buehler, J.; Chen, Y.; Yu, B.; Tinkham, N. H.; Zabriskie, N. A.; Zeng, J.; Luo, L.; Sun, Jennifer Katherine; Prakash, M.; Hamam, R. N.; Tonna, S.; Constantine, R.; Ronquillo, C. C.; Sadda, S.; Avery, R. L.; Brand, J. M.; London, N.; Anduze, A. L.; King, George Liang; Bernstein, P. S.; Watkins, S.; Jorde, L. B.; Li, D. Y.; Aiello, Lloyd Paul; Pollak, Martin Russell; Zhang, K. (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 2008)
      Significant morbidity and mortality among patients with diabetes mellitus result largely from a greatly increased incidence of microvascular complications. Proliferative diabetic retinopathy (PDR) and end stage renal disease ...