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    • EYA4 is inactivated biallelically at a high frequency in sporadic lung cancer and is associated with familial lung cancer risk 

      Wilson, Ian M.; Vucic, Emily A.; Enfield, Katey S.S.; Thu, Kelsie L.; Zhang, Yu-An; Chari, Raj; Lockwood, William W.; Radulovich, Niki; Starczynowski, Daniel T.; Banáth, Judit P.; Zhang, May; Pusic, Andrea; Fuller, Megan; Lonergan, Kim M.; Rowbotham, David; Yee, John; English, John C.; Buys, Timon P.H.; Selamat, Suhaida A.; Laird-Offringa, Ite A.; Liu, Pengyuan; Anderson, Marshall; You, Ming; Tsao, Ming-Sound; Brown, Carolyn J.; Bennewith, Kevin L.; MacAulay, Calum E.; Karsan, Aly; Gazdar, Adi F.; Lam, Stephen; Lam, Wan L. (2015)
      In an effort to identify novel biallelically inactivated tumor suppressor genes (TSG) in sporadic invasive and pre-invasive non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) genomes, we applied a comprehensive integrated multi-‘omics ...