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    • Target Mechanism-Based Whole-Cell Screening Identifies Bortezomib as an Inhibitor of Caseinolytic Protease in Mycobacteria 

      Moreira, Wilfried; Ngan, Grace J. Y.; Low, Jian Liang; Poulsen, Anders; Chia, Brian C. S.; Ang, Melgious J. Y.; Yap, Amelia; Fulwood, Justina; Lakshmanan, Umayal; Lim, Jolander; Khoo, Audrey Y. T.; Flotow, Horst; Hill, Jeffrey; Raju, Ravikiran M.; Rubin, Eric J.; Dick, Thomas (American Society of Microbiology, 2015)
      ABSTRACT A novel type of antibacterial screening method, a target mechanism-based whole-cell screening method, was developed to combine the advantages of target mechanism- and whole-cell-based approaches. A mycobacterial ...