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    • A Non-Canonical Function of Zebrafish Telomerase Reverse Transcriptase Is Required for Developmental Hematopoiesis 

      Imamura, Shintaro; Uchiyama, Junzo; Koshimizu, Eriko; Hanai, Jun-ichi; Raftopoulou, Christina; Murphey, Ryan D.; Bayliss, Peter E.; Imai, Yoichi; Burns, Caroline Erter; Masutomi, Kenkichi; Gagos, Sarantis; Zon, Leonard I.; Roberts, Thomas M.; Kishi, Shuji; Lopez-Schier, Hernan (Public Library of Science, 2008)
      Although it is clear that telomerase expression is crucial for the maintenance of telomere homeostasis, there is increasing evidence that the TERT protein can have physiological roles that are independent of this central ...