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    • αβ T-cell receptors from multiple sclerosis brain lesions show MAIT cell–related features 

      Held, Kathrin; Bhonsle-Deeng, Latika; Siewert, Katherina; Sato, Wakiro; Beltrán, Eduardo; Schmidt, Stephan; Rühl, Geraldine; Ng, Judy K.M.; Engerer, Peter; Moser, Markus; Klinkert, Wolfgang E.F.; Babbe, Holger; Misgeld, Thomas; Wekerle, Hartmut; Laplaud, David-Axel; Hohlfeld, Reinhard; Dornmair, Klaus (Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 2015)
      Objectives: To characterize phenotypes of T cells that accumulated in multiple sclerosis (MS) lesions, to compare the lesional T-cell receptor (TCR) repertoire of T-cell subsets to peripheral blood, and to identify paired ...