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    • The Genetic Association Between Personality and Major Depression or Bipolar Disorder. A Polygenic Score Analysis Using Genome-Wide Association Data 

      Middeldorp, C M; de Moor, M H M; Blackwood, D H; Costa, P T; Terracciano, A; Krueger, R F; de Geus, E J C; Nyholt, D R; Esko, T; Madden, P A F; Derringer, J; Amin, N; Willemsen, G; Hottenga, J-J; Distel, M A; Uda, M; Sanna, S; Spinhoven, P; Realo, A; Allik, J; Pergadia, M L; Grucza, R A; Widen, E; Cousminer, D L; Eriksson, J G; Palotie, A; Barnett, J H; Luciano, M; Tenesa, A; Hansell, N K; Medland, S E; Ferrucci, L; Schlessinger, D; Montgomery, G W; Aulchenko, Y S; Janssens, A C J W; Oostra, B A; Metspalu, A; Abecasis, G R; Deary, I J; Räikkönen, K; Bierut, L J; Wray, N R; van Duijn, C M; Penninx, B W J H; Boomsma, D I; McGrath, Lauren M.; Gordon, S. D.; Tanaka, T.; Hartman, C. A.; Sullivan, P. F.; Heath, A. C.; Agrawal, A.; Lin, P.; Lee, Phil Hyoun; Davies, G.; Lopez, L. M.; Wright, M. J.; Martin, N. G.; Smoller, Jordan W.; Ripke, Stephan (Nature Publishing Group, 2011)
      The relationship between major depressive disorder (MDD) and bipolar disorder (BD) remains controversial. Previous research has reported differences and similarities in risk factors for MDD and BD, such as predisposing ...