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    • Edgetic Perturbation Models of Human Inherited Disorders 

      Simonis, Nicolas; Li, Qian-Ru; Heuze, Fabien; Klitgord, Niels; Tam, Stanley; Venkatesan, Kavitha; Mou, Danny; Swearingen, Venus; Yildirim, Muhammed A; Dricot, Amélie; Szeto, David; Lin, Chenwei; Hao, Tong; Fan, Changyu; Milstein, Stuart; Dupuy, Denis; Brasseur, Robert; Zhong, Quan; Charloteaux, Benoit; Yu, Haiyuan; Yan, Han; Hill, David E.; Cusick, Michael; Vidal, Marc (Nature Publishing Group, 2009)
      Cellular functions are mediated through complex systems of macromolecules and metabolites linked through biochemical and physical interactions, represented in interactome models as ‘nodes' and ‘edges', respectively. Better ...