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    • Myelin: Dynamic or Stable? 

      Uzman, Betty G.; Hedley-Whyte, E. Tessa (Rockefeller University Press, 1968)
    • The Process of Janusian Thinking in Creativity 

      Rothenberg, Albert (American Medical Association (AMA), 1971)
      "Janusian thinking"—the capacity to conceive and utilize two or more opposite or contradictory ideas, concepts, or images simultaneously—is discussed in relation to its role in the creative process in art, literature, ...
    • Regional Medical Programs in Search of a Mission 

      Komaroff, Anthony (Massachusetts Medical Society, 1971-04-08)
      Created five years ago, the Regional Medical Programs now have established organizations that cover the entire country. Private medicine is involved to a degree unparalleled in any other federal health program. In many ...
    • Fine Structural Localization of Cholesterol-1,2-3h in Degenerating and Regenerating Mouse Sciatic Nerve 

      Rawlins, F. A.; Villegas, G. M.; Hedley-Whyte, E. Tessa; Uzman, B. G. (Rockefeller University Press, 1972)
      The localization of 3H-labeled cholesterol in nerves undergoing degeneration and regeneration was studied by radioautography at the electron microscope level. Two types of experiments were carried out: (a) Cholesterol-1,2-3H ...
    • Coronary Artery Reperfusion 

      Maroko, P. R.; Libby, Peter; Ginks, W. R.; Bloor, C. M.; Shell, W. E.; Sobel, B. E.; Ross, J. (American Society for Clinical Investigation, 1972)
      The effects of coronary artery reperfusion 3 hr after coronary occlusion on contractile function and the development of myocardial damage at 24 hr was studied experimentally. In 14 control and 6 reperfused dogs, relationships ...
    • Precordial S-T segment elevation mapping: An atraumatic method for assessing alterations in the extent of myocardial ischemic injury 

      Maroko, Peter R.; Libby, Peter; Covell, James W.; Sobel, Burton E.; Ross, John; Braunwald, Eugene (Elsevier BV, 1972)
      A noninvasive technique for evaluating the extent of myocardial ischemic injury after experimental coronary artery occlusion was devised and applied to study alterations in the extent of injury produced by hemodynamic and ...
    • Effect of pharmacologic agents on the function of the ischemic heart 

      Maroko, Peter R.; Libby, Peter; Braunwald, Eugene (Elsevier BV, 1973)
      Since isoproterenol, tachycardia induced by atrial pacing, propranolol and Hyaluronidase alter the extent and severity of cardiac damage after coronary occlusion, their effects on the function of the severely ischemic heart ...
    • Reduction of Experimental Myocardial Infarct Size by Corticosteroid Administration 

      Libby, Peter; Maroko, Peter R.; Bloor, Colin M.; Sobel, Burton E.; Braunwald, Eugene (American Society for Clinical Investigation, 1973)
      The influence of the administration of pharmacologic doses of hydrocortisone on the extent and severity of acute myocardial ischemic injury and on subsequent necrosis after acute coronary occlusion was investigated in 28 ...
    • Intracellular Collagen and Protocollagen from Embryonic Tendon Cells 

      Jiminez, Sergio A.; Dehm, Peter; Olsen, Bjorn; Prockop, Darwin J. (Elsevier BV, 1973-01)
    • Protocols for Physician Assistants — Management of Diabetes and Hypertension 

      Komaroff, Anthony; Black, W. L.; Flatley, Margaret; Knopp, Robert H.; Reiffen, Barney; Sherman, Herbert (Massachusetts Medical Society, 1974-02-07)
      Physician assistants used problem-oriented protocols in management of patients with diabetes and hypertension. The protocols directed the physician assistant in determining what data to collect, and whether the patients ...
    • Distribution of [1,2-3H]cholesterol in mouse brain after injection in the suckling period 

      Hedley-Whyte, E. Tessa (Rockefeller University Press, 1975)
      Glutaraldehyde-carbohydrazide polymer (GACH) was used to embed olfactory tracts, trapezoid body, and sciatic nerves of 9-, 10-, and 49- day old mice 2 h, 24 h, and 6 wk (respectively) after the intraperitoneal administration ...
    • Location of Procollagen in Chick Corneal and Tendon Fibroblasts With Ferritin-Conjugated Antibodies 

      Von Der Mark, Klaus; Hay, Elizabeth; Olsen, Bjorn; Bornstein, Paul; Ross, Russell; Dehm, Peter; Nist, Cynthia (Rockefeller University Press, 1975-04-01)
      Three distinct antiprocollagen preparations were characterized and used in immunocytochemical staining of chick embryo corneal and tendon cells. The several ferritin-conjugated antibody preparations permitted similar ...
    • Homospatial Thinking in Creativity 

      Rothenberg, Albert (1976)
    • Alternatives to Metronidazole 

      Komaroff, Anthony; Cohen, Alan B.; McCue, Jack D. (American Medical Association (AMA), 1976-05-10)
      To the Editor.— The recent warning in The Medical Letter1 regarding the mutagenicity and possible carcinogenicity of metronidazole (Flagyl) raises the question of whether there is an alternative treatment of equal efficacy ...
    • Neighborhood Health Centers as Providers of Primary Mental-Health Care 

      Borus, Jonathan (Massachusetts Medical Society, 1976-07-15)
      The 19 Boston neighborhood health centers with mental-health programs were studied to investigate the delivery of mental-health services as part of a primary health-care system. Staff-time utilization data show these ...
    • Ultrastructural localization of glial fibrillary acidic protein in mouse cerebellum by immunoperoxidase labeling 

      Schachner, M.; Hedley-Whyte, E. Tessa; Hsu, D. W.; Schoonmaker, G.; Bignami, A. (Rockefeller University Press, 1977)
      Glial fibrillary acidic protein was localized at the electron microscope level in the cerebellum of adult mice by indirect immunoperoxidase histology. In confirmation of previous studies at the light microscope level, the ...
    • The Respiratory Tract and the Environment 

      Brain, Joseph David (National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, 1977)
      The primary determinants of pulmonary disease are environmental. The same thinness and delicacy of the air-blood barrier which allows rapid exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide also reduce its effectiveness as a barrier ...
    • RNA - ligand interactions:(I) magnesium binding sites in yeast tRNA Phe 

      Holbrook, Stephen R.; Sussman, Joel L.; Warrant, R. Wade; Church, George; Kim, Sung-Hou (Oxford University Press (OUP), 1977)
      X-ray crystallagraphic studies studies indicate that there are at least four site-specifically bound hydrated Mg2+ ions, [Mg(H2O)n]2+, in yeast tRNAPhe. The size and the octahedral coordination geometry, rather than the ...
    • The cleavage site of the restriction endonuclease Ava II 

      Sutcliffe, JG; Church, George (Oxford University Press (OUP), 1978)
      We have determined that the type II restriction enzyme Ava II, isolated from Anabaena variabilis, recognizes and cuts the sequence (formula: see article). The eight Ava II sites of pBR322 have been mapped, as well as a ...
    • Efficiency and Cost of Primary Care by Nurses and Physician Assistants 

      Greenfield, Sheldon; Komaroff, Anthony; Pass, Theodore M.; Anderson, Hjalmar; Nessim, Sharon (Massachusetts Medical Society, 1978-02-09)
      We conducted a prospective study in a prepaid primary-care practice (health-maintenance organization) of a system in which nurses and physician assistants used protocols, and compared the efficiency and costs of this ...