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    • Chromosome-breakage genomic instability and chromothripsis in breast cancer 

      Przybytkowski, Ewa; Lenkiewicz, Elizabeth; Barrett, Michael T; Klein, Kathleen; Nabavi, Sheida; Greenwood, Celia MT; Basik, Mark (BioMed Central, 2014)
      Background: Chromosomal breakage followed by faulty DNA repair leads to gene amplifications and deletions in cancers. However, the mere assessment of the extent of genomic changes, amplifications and deletions may reduce ...
    • Identification of rare germline copy number variations over-represented in five human cancer types 

      Park, Richard W; Kim, Tae-Min; Kasif, Simon; Park, Peter J (BioMed Central, 2015)
      Background: Copy number variations (CNVs) are increasingly recognized as significant disease susceptibility markers in many complex disorders including cancer. The availability of a large number of chromosomal copy number ...