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    • CD40L-Tri, a novel formulation of recombinant human CD40L that effectively activates B cells 

      Naito, Masayasu; Hainz, Ursula; Burkhardt, Ute E.; Fu, Buyin; Ahove, Deborah; Stevenson, Kristen E.; Rajasagi, Mohini; Zhu, Baogong; Alonso, Anselmo; Witten, Elizabeth; Matsuoka, Ken-ichi; Neuberg, Donna; Duke-Cohan, Jonathan S.; Wu, Cathy Ju-Ying; Freeman, Gordon James (Springer-Verlag, 2012)
      CD40L has a well-established role in enhancing the immunostimulatory capacity of normal and malignant B cells, but a formulation suitable for clinical use has not been widely available. Like other TNF family members, in ...