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    • Brainhack: a collaborative workshop for the open neuroscience community 

      Cameron Craddock, R.; S. Margulies, Daniel; Bellec, Pierre; Nolan Nichols, B.; Alcauter, Sarael; A. Barrios, Fernando; Burnod, Yves; J. Cannistraci, Christopher; Cohen-Adad, Julien; De Leener, Benjamin; Dery, Sebastien; Downar, Jonathan; Dunlop, Katharine; R. Franco, Alexandre; Seligman Froehlich, Caroline; J. Gerber, Andrew; S. Ghosh, Satrajit; J. Grabowski, Thomas; Hill, Sean; Sólon Heinsfeld, Anibal; Matthew Hutchison, R.; Kundu, Prantik; R. Laird, Angela; Liew, Sook-Lei; J. Lurie, Daniel; G. McLaren, Donald; Meneguzzi, Felipe; Mennes, Maarten; Mesmoudi, Salma; O’Connor, David; H. Pasaye, Erick; Peltier, Scott; Poline, Jean-Baptiste; Prasad, Gautam; Fraga Pereira, Ramon; Quirion, Pierre-Olivier; Rokem, Ariel; S. Saad, Ziad; Shi, Yonggang; C. Strother, Stephen; Toro, Roberto; Q. Uddin, Lucina; D. Van Horn, John; W. Van Meter, John; C. Welsh, Robert; Xu, Ting (BioMed Central, 2016)
      Brainhack events offer a novel workshop format with participant-generated content that caters to the rapidly growing open neuroscience community. Including components from hackathons and unconferences, as well as parallel ...
    • Healthcare Hackathons Provide Educational and Innovation Opportunities: A Case Study and Best Practice Recommendations 

      Silver, Julie K.; Binder, David S.; Zubcevik, Nevena; Zafonte, Ross D. (Springer US, 2016)
      Physicians and other healthcare professionals are often the end users of medical innovation; however, they are rarely involved in the beginning design stages. This often results in ineffective healthcare solutions with ...