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    • Specific detection of methionine 27 mutation in histone 3 variants (H3K27M) in fixed tissue from high-grade astrocytomas 

      Bechet, Denise; Gielen, Gerrit G. H.; Korshunov, Andrey; Pfister, Stefan M.; Rousso, Caterina; Faury, Damien; Fiset, Pierre-Olivier; Benlimane, Naciba; Lewis, Peter W.; Lu, Chao; David Allis, C.; Kieran, Mark W.; Ligon, Keith L.; Pietsch, Torsten; Ellezam, Benjamin; Albrecht, Steffen; Jabado, Nada (Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 2014)
      Studies in pediatric high-grade astrocytomas (HGA) by our group and others have uncovered recurrent somatic mutations affecting highly conserved residues in histone 3 (H3) variants. One of these mutations leads to analogous ...