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    • Hypoxia-induced expression of phosducin-like 3 regulates expression of VEGFR-2 and promotes angiogenesis 

      Srinivasan, Srimathi; Chitalia, Vipul; Meyer, Rosana D.; Hartsough, Edward; Mehta, Manisha; Harrold, Itrat; Anderson, Nicole; Feng, Hui; Smith, Lois Elaine Hodgson; Jiang, Yan; Costello, Catherine E.; Rahimi, Nader (Springer Science + Business Media, 2015)
      Expression and activation of vascular endothelial growth factor receptor 2 (VEGFR-2) by VEGF ligands are the main events in the stimulation of pathological angiogenesis. VEGFR-2 expression is generally low in the healthy ...