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    • Do Multielement Visual Tracking and Visual Search Draw Continuously on the Same Visual Attention Resources? 

      Alvarez, George; Horowitz, Todd S.; Arsenio, Helga C.; DiMase, Jennifer S.; Wolfe, Jeremy (American Psychological Association (APA), 2005)
      Multielement visual tracking and visual search are 2 tasks that are held to require visual-spatial attention. The authors used the attentional operating characteristic (AOC) method to determine whether both tasks draw ...
    • Attention is fast but volition is slow 

      Wolfe, Jeremy; Alvarez, George; Horowitz, Todd (Springer Nature, 2000-08)
      How swiftly can the object of your attention be changed? Consider two ways to deploy attention: it can be commanded from place to place by a deliberate act of will, or it can run freely without specific instruction. Here ...
    • Denture Group Visits: A Model To Improve Access to Care and Reduce Treatment Period for Dentures 

      Chandrupatla, Siddardha Gowtam (California Dental Association, 2018-11-01)
      Objective- To evaluate the efficiency of denture group visits program by delivering dentures in shorter number of days when compared to individual appointments. Methods- Group denture visits model was developed and ...