Recent Submissions

  • Research fatigue in COVID-19 pandemic and post-disaster research: causes, consequences and recommendations 

    Patel, Sonny; Webster, Rebecca K.; Greenberg, Neil; Weston, Dale; Brooks, Samantha K. (Emerald, 2020-06-23)
    Purpose: Research fatigue occurs when an individual or population of interest tires of engaging with research, consequently avoiding further participation. This paper considers research fatigue in the context of the current ...
  • Incorporating Issues of Elderly Loneliness into the Coronavirus Disease–2019 Public Health Response 

    Patel, Sonny; Clark-Ginsberg, Aaron (Cambridge University Press (CUP), 2020-05-07)
    As the systems that people depend on are increasingly strained by the coronavirus disease–2019 (COVID-19) outbreak, public health impacts are manifesting in different ways beyond morbidity and mortality for elderly ...
  • Genome-Wide Interrogation of Longitudinal FEV 1 in Children With Asthma 

    Wu, Kehua; Gamazon, Eric R.; Im, Hae Kyung; Geeleher, Paul; White, Steven James; Solway, Julian; Clemmer, George L.; Weiss, Scott; Tantisira, Kelan; Cox, Nancy J.; Ratain, Mark J.; Huang, R. Stephanie (American Thoracic Society, 2014)
    Rationale: Most genomic studies of lung function have used phenotypic data derived from a single time-point (e.g., presence/absence of disease) without considering the dynamic progression of a chronic disease. Objectives: ...

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