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    • Essays in Development Economics 

      Trucco, Laura Carolina (2015-09-04)
      Economic development, more often than not, is tightly connected to good governance and adequate provision of public goods and services. My dissertation examines characteristics of developing countries that are relevant to ...
    • Essays in Development Economics 

      Reed, Tristan (2014-06-06)
      This dissertation comprises three essays in development economics.
    • Essays in Development Economics 

      Bjorkegren, Daniel Ingvar (2014-06-06)
      Economic development is often associated with the adoption of new technologies. The three chapters in this dissertation ask how societies can achieve efficient adoption of these technologies. The first two chapters analyze ...
    • Essays in Development Economics 

      Willis, Jack (2017-05-12)
      This dissertation consists of four chapters, in two halves. The common, broad theme is the importance of time in problems which we often analyze statically. In the first half, we consider the role of time in insurance. ...
    • Essays in Development Economics and Political Economy 

      Casaburi, Lorenzo (2013-09-30)
      Chapter 1 studies the electoral response to the Ghost Buildings program, a nationwide anti tax evasion policy in Italy which used innovative monitoring technologies to target buildings hidden from tax authorities. The ...
    • Essays in Dynamic Games 

      Ishii, Yuhta (2014-06-06)
      This dissertation presents three independent essays. Chapter 1, which is joint work with Mira Frick, studies a model of innovation adoption by a large population of long-lived consumers who face stochastic opportunities ...
    • Essays in Economic Theory 

      Duraj, Jetlir (2020-04-06)
      This dissertation consists of three independent essays in microeconomic theory, focusing on aspects of learning in varied economic settings, both single and multi-agent. In chapter 1, I study a discrete-time dynamic ...
    • Essays in Economics and Education 

      Turley, Patrick Ansel (2016-05-10)
      Education is a fundamental input of human capital formation. In this dissertation we explore topics related to how much and what time of human capital individuals invest in, and the long term-consequences of these investments. ...
    • Essays in Empirical Matching 

      Agarwal, Nikhil (2013-10-08)
      This thesis combines three essays on empirical applications and methods in two-sided matching markets. The first essay uses existing methods to estimate preferences for schools using rank order lists from New York City's ...
    • Essays in Entrepreneurial Finance 

      Bernstein, Shai (2012-12-19)
      In the first essay, I show that the transition to public equity markets have important implications to firms’ innovative process. To establish a causal effect of the IPO, I compare the long-run innovation of firms that ...
    • Essays in Environment and Labor Economics 

      Park, Jisung (2017-05-10)
      The relationship between climate and economic activity is an old topic with renewed policy relevance, due in large part to human-caused climate change. This dissertation provides a series of assessments of potential ...
    • Essays in Finance and Development 

      Yang, He (2019-05-21)
      This dissertation studies the impact of financial institutions and information frictions on economic growth, as well as the effect of local economic fluctuations on aggregate financial outcomes. In the first chapter, ...
    • Essays in Finance and Innovation 

      Jung, Yosub (2019-05-16)
      My dissertation deals with topics in finance and innovation. In the first chapter, I study how CEOs affect corporate behaviors and R&D workers. In the second chapter, I propose a simple way to address an endogeneity problem ...
    • Essays in Financial and Housing Economics 

      McQuade, Timothy (2014-06-24)
      This dissertation presents four essays. The first chapter builds a real-options, term structure model of the firm incorporating stochastic volatility and endogenous default to shed new light on the value premium, financial ...
    • Essays in Financial and Political Economics 

      Picel, Jeffrey (2018-05-15)
      In chapter 1, I show that investors' tendency to extrapolate from past return data is in part driven by the salience of past returns. I exploit the Wall Street Journal's historical practice of reporting the 52-week return ...
    • Essays in Financial Economics 

      Zhang, Fan (2014-06-06)
      This dissertation presents three essays. The first essay finds that the household risky ratio, the ratio of high risk assets over low risk assets directly owned by households, is a strong negative predictor of the equity ...
    • Essays in Financial Economics 

      Kirti, Divya (2016-04-25)
      The chapters in this dissertation study the incidence of risk, risk taking, and the role of markets used to trade risk, with a focus on interest-rate risk. In Chapter 1, I ask why bank-dependent firms bear interest-rate ...
    • Essays in Financial Economics 

      Smalling, David (2015-05-18)
      This dissertation addresses the central issue of understanding how frictions to information flow distort the ability for prices to incorporate new information. In chapter 1, “Forgotten Portfolios”, I illustrate how the ...
    • Essays in Financial Economics 

      Eber, Maximilian (2016-12-12)
      This dissertation explores how financial markets are shaped by monetary policy and financial regulation. In the first chapter, I study how banks adjust their balance sheet to the prospect of stricter supervision (co-authored ...
    • Essays in Global Games and Political Economy 

      Gole, Thomas Russell (2013-10-18)
      This dissertation consists of three essays concerned with coordination, cooperation and the governance of institutions.