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    • The Evolution and Function of Human Lumbar Lordosis Variability 

      Castillo, Eric R. (2017-05-11)
      Curvature of the human lower spine, known as lumbar lordosis, was a key adaptation for bipedalism that evolved to balance the upright trunk, but measures of lordosis in modern humans and estimates from the fossil record ...
    • The Foundations of Shamanism and Witchcraft 

      Singh, Manvir (2020-04-27)
      Human societies everywhere reliably develop complex traditions with striking similarities. Here, I examine two such near-ubiquitous practices – shamanism and beliefs in mystical harm – documenting cross-cultural patterns, ...
    • The Innate Immune System, Energetics, and the Early-Life Environment 

      Shattuck-Heidorn, Heather (2017-05-12)
      Human immune function is sensitive to ecological context, yet knowledge about immune function primarily derives from a few populations that are relatively unique ecologically, both in comparison to other populations globally ...