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    • Moduli of Galois Representations 

      Wang Erickson, Carl William (2013-09-25)
      The theme of this thesis is the study of moduli stacks of representations of an associative algebra, with an eye toward continuous representations of profinite groups such as Galois groups. The central object of study is ...
    • The Moduli Space of S1-Type Zero Loci for Z/2 Harmonic Spinors in Dimension 3 

      Takahashi, Ryosuke (2015-05-17)
      Let M be a compact oriented 3-dimensional smooth manifold. In this paper, we will construct a moduli space consisting of the following date {(Σ,ψ)} where Σ is a C1-embedding S1 curve in M, ψ is a Z/2-harmonic spinor vanishing ...
    • Nearby Cycles of Whittaker Sheaves 

      Campbell, Christopher Justin (2018-05-13)
      In this thesis we study the nearby cycles of a Whittaker sheaf as it degenerates to an object of the principal series category. In the case of a finite-dimensional flag variety, we prove that the nearby cycles sheaf ...
    • Nilpotence and Descent in Stable Homotopy Theory 

      Mathew, Akhil (2017-04-18)
      We study various applications of the ideas of descent and nilpotence to stable homotopy theory. In particular, we give a descent-theoretic calculation of the Picard group of topological modular forms and we prove a partial ...
    • On Newforms for Split Special Odd Orthogonal Groups 

      Tsai, Pei-Yu (2013-09-18)
      The theory of local newforms has been studied for the group of \(PGL_n\) and recently \(PGSp_4\) and some other groups of small ranks. In this dissertation, we develop a newform theory for generic supercuspidal representations ...
    • On the Arithmetic of Hyperelliptic Curves 

      Bland, Jason Charles (2016-05-06)
      My research involves answering various number-theoretic questions involving hyperelliptic curves. A hyperelliptic curve is a generalization of elliptic curves to curves of higher genus but which still have explicit ...
    • On the Framed Singular Instanton Floer Homology From Higher Rank Bundles 

      Xie, Yi (2016-05-11)
      In this thesis we study the framed singular instanton Floer homology defined by by Kronheimer and Mrowka in \cite{KM3}. Given a 3-manifold $Y$ with a link $K$ and $\delta \in H^2(Y,\mathbb{Z})$ satisfying a non-integral ...
    • On the Moy-Prasad Filtration and Stable Vectors 

      Fintzen, Jessica (2016-05-19)
      Let K be a maximal unramified extension of a nonarchimedean local field of residual characteristic p > 0. Let G be a reductive group over K which splits over a tamely ramified extension of K. To a point x in the Bruhat–Tits ...
    • Open Gromov-Witten Invariants on Elliptic K3 Surfaces and Wall-Crossing 

      Lin, Yu-Shen (2013-10-08)
      We defined a new type of open Gromov-Witten invariants on hyperK\"aher manifolds with holomorphic
    • Pencils of quadrics and Jacobians of hyperelliptic curves 

      Wang, Xiaoheng (2013-10-08)
      Using pencils of quadrics, we study a construction of torsors of Jacobians of hyperelliptic curves twice of which is Pic^1. We then use this construction to study the arithmetic invariant theory of the actions of SO2n+1 ...
    • Picard-Fuchs Systems Arising From Toric and Flag Varieties 

      Yu, Chenglong (2018-05-12)
      This thesis studies the Picard-Fuchs systems for families arising as vector bundles zero loci in toric or partial flag varieties, including Riemann-Hilbert type theorems and arith- metic properties of the differential ...
    • Picard-Lefschetz Oscillators for the Drinfeld-Lafforgue-Vinberg Compactification 

      Schieder, Simon Fabian (2015-05-01)
      We study the singularities of the Drinfeld-Lafforgue-Vinberg compactification of the moduli stack of G-bundles on a smooth projective curve for a reductive group G. The study of these compactifications was initiated by V. ...
    • q-deformed Interacting Particle Systems, RSKs and Random Polymers 

      Matveev, Konstantin (2016-04-28)
      We introduce and study four $q$-randomized Robinson--Schensted--Knuth (RSK) insertion tableau dynamics. Each of them is a discrete time Markov dynamics on two-dimensional interlacing particle arrays (these arrays are in ...
    • Ramification of the Hilbert Eigenvariety 

      Hsu, Chi-Yun (2019-05-14)
      Andreatta–Iovita–Pilloni constructed eigenvarieties for cuspidal Hilbert modular forms. The eigenvariety has a natural map to the weight space, called the weight map. We compute the dimension of the tangent space of the ...
    • Rational Curves on Hypersurfaces 

      Riedl, Eric (2015-05-18)
      We investigate the dimensions of the spaces of rational curves on hypersurfaces, and various related questions.
    • Rational Point Counts for del Pezzo Surfaces over Finite Fields and Coding Theory 

      Kaplan, Nathan (2013-09-30)
      The goal of this thesis is to apply an approach due to Elkies to study the distribution of rational point counts for certain families of curves and surfaces over finite fields. A vector space of polynomials over a fixed ...
    • Real Orientations of Lubin--Tate Spectra and the Slice Spectral Sequence of a C4-Equivariant Height-4 Theory 

      Shi, XiaoLin (2019-05-16)
      In this thesis, we show that Lubin--Tate spectra at the prime $2$ are Real oriented and Real Landweber exact. The proof is by application of the Goerss--Hopkins--Miller theorem to algebras with involution. For each height ...
    • Regeneration of Elliptic Chains with Exceptional Linear Series 

      Pflueger, Nathan K (2014-06-06)
      We study two dimension estimates regarding linear series on algebraic curves. First, we generalize the classical Brill-Noether theorem to many cases where the Brill-Noether number is negative. Second, we extend results of ...
    • Relative Jacobians of Linear Systems 

      Woolf, Matthew Jacob (2014-06-06)
      Let X be a smooth projective variety. Given any basepoint-free linear system, |D|, there is a dense open subset parametrizing smooth divisors, and over that subset, we can consider the relative Picard variety of the universal ...
    • Restrictions of Steiner Bundles and Divisors on the Hilbert Scheme of Points in the Plane 

      Huizenga, Jack (2012-09-18)
      The Hilbert scheme of \(n\) points in the projective plane parameterizes degree \(n\) zero-dimensional subschemes of the projective plane. We examine the dual cones of effective divisors and moving curves on the Hilbert ...