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    • Adding Value to Value-Added: Theory and Applications to Teachers and Bureaucrats 

      Santorella, Elizabeth (2018-01-17)
      Value-added estimators are extensively used to study teachers and other groups. In addition to estimating an individual's causal impact on outcomes, value-added models describe the dispersion of individual effects: For ...
    • Bargaining in Markets 

      Talamas, Eduard (2017-05-11)
      In the first chapter I describe a method to construct fair—or symmetry-preserving—stable sets of compound simple games from fair stable sets of their quotient and components, and I discuss how it contributes to the ...
    • Economic Theory and Statistical Learning 

      Liang, Annie (2016-05-18)
      This dissertation presents three independent essays in microeconomic theory. Chapter 1 suggests an alternative to the common prior assumption, in which agents form beliefs by learning from data, possibly interpreting the ...
    • Environmental Tax Reform and Economic Welfare 

      Somani, Anil Kumar (2013-10-08)
      According to a new study EPI (2012), India has the worst air pollution in the entire world. Given the severe damages caused by air pollution, it is important to explore various options to control air pollution. In chapter ...
    • Essays in Applied Econometrics and Education 

      Barrios, Thomas (2014-06-06)
      This dissertation consists of three essays. First, we explore the implications of correlations that do not vanishing for units in different clusters for the actual and estimated precision of least squares estimators.
    • Essays in Applied Microeconomics 

      Sands, Emily Glassberg (2014-06-06)
      This dissertation contains three chapters. Each applies the tools of applied microeconomics to questions in labor economics, the economics of education, and social economics, respectively. In the first chapter, which is ...
    • Essays in Applied Microeconomics 

      Spamann, Holger (2012-08-10)
      Chapter 1 develops a model of parallel trading of corporate securities (shares, bonds) and derivatives in which a large trader can sometimes profitably acquire securities and the corporate control rights inherent therein ...
    • Essays in Applied Microeconomics 

      Hwang, Jisoo (2014-06-24)
      This dissertation consists of three essays in labor economics and political economy.
    • Essays in Applied Microeconomics 

      Dette, Tilman C. (2016-05-11)
      This thesis combines three essays in applied microeconomics. The first essay studies hospital responses to price changes and the introduction of DRG reimbursements; using a large administrative data set on all inpatient ...
    • Essays in Asset Pricing and Macroeconomics 

      Cho, Thummim (2017-05-13)
      This dissertation presents three essays. The first essay finds that investment strategies which generate “alphas” become endogenously risky by acquiring “betas” with respect to shocks that institutional arbitrageurs are ...
    • Essays in Behavioral and Experimental Economics 

      Mollerstrom, Johanna Britta (2013-10-08)
      This dissertation consists of three essays which make use of laboratory experiments in order to investigate how procedural or contextual factors impact human behavior.
    • Essays in Behavioral Economics 

      Peysakhovich, Alexander (2013-03-14)
      Essays in this dissertation cover three topics in behavioral economics: social preferences, ambiguity aversion and self-control. The first essay, based on work with Aurelie Ouss, studies the behavior of individuals making ...
    • Essays in Consumer and Corporate Finance 

      Goldsmith-Pinkham, Paul (2015-05-14)
      The tension between creditors and debtors is an integral component in finance. My dissertation focuses on two important cases where this tension has important economic implications. In my first two chapters, I focus on ...
    • Essays in Corporate Finance 

      Milanez, Anna Catherine (2013-09-30)
      Written in the wake of the 2007-08 financial crisis, the following essays explore the nature and implications of firm-level financial distress. The first essay examines the external effects of financial distress, while the ...
    • Essays in Corporate Finance 

      Mukharlyamov, Vladimir (2016-05-18)
      This dissertation contains three chapters. In the first chapter, which is joint work with Paul Gompers and Steven Kaplan, we survey 79 private equity (PE) investors with combined assets under management of more than $750 ...
    • Essays in Development and Behavioral Economics 

      Schilbach, Frank N. (2015-05-21)
      This dissertation consists of three empirical essays in development and behavioral economics. Chapter 1 considers the impact of heavy alcohol consumption on savings behavior among low-income males in India. High levels ...
    • Essays in Development and Labor Economics 

      Aguilar Esteva, Arturo (2012-07-26)
    • Essays in Development Economics 

      Bjorkegren, Daniel Ingvar (2014-06-06)
      Economic development is often associated with the adoption of new technologies. The three chapters in this dissertation ask how societies can achieve efficient adoption of these technologies. The first two chapters analyze ...
    • Essays in Development Economics 

      Reed, Tristan (2014-06-06)
      This dissertation comprises three essays in development economics.
    • Essays in Development Economics 

      Trucco, Laura Carolina (2015-09-04)
      Economic development, more often than not, is tightly connected to good governance and adequate provision of public goods and services. My dissertation examines characteristics of developing countries that are relevant to ...