Strange Metals and the AdS/CFT Correspondence

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Strange Metals and the AdS/CFT Correspondence

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Title: Strange Metals and the AdS/CFT Correspondence
Author: Sachdev, Subir
Citation: Sachdev, Subir. 2010. Strange metals and the AdS/CFT correspondence. Journal of Statistical Mechanics: Theory and Experiment 2010: P11022.
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Abstract: I begin with a review of quantum impurity models in condensed matter physics, in which a localized spin degree of freedom is coupled to an interacting conformal field theory in \(d\) = 2 spatial dimensions. Their properties are similar to those of supersymmetric generalizations which can be solved by the AdS/CFT correspondence; the low energy limit of the latter models is described by a \(AdS_2\) geometry. Then I turn to Kondo lattice models, which can be described by a mean- field theory obtained by a mapping to a quantum impurity coupled to a self-consistent environment. Such a theory yields a 'fractionalized Fermi liquid' phase of conduction electrons coupled to a critical spin liquid state, and is an attractive mean-field theory of strange metals. The recent holographic description of strange metals with a \(AdS_2 \times R^2\) geometry is argued to be related to such mean-field solutions of Kondo lattice models.
Published Version: doi://10.1088/1742-5468/2010/11/P11022
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