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    • Film and Media Studies and the Law of the DVD 

      Fisher, William W.; Harlow, Jacqueline (University of Texas Press, 2006)
    • HLS1X: CopyrightX: Spring 2013 Course Report 

      Fisher, William W. (2014)
      This report describes the first Harvard Law School open online course, first offered through HarvardX on the edX platform in Spring 2013. The course was taught by Professor William Fisher, who also prepared this report. ...
    • Ideology, Religion, and the Constitutional Protection of Private Property, 1760-1860 

      Fisher, William W. (Emory Law School, 1990)
      In several recent essays, legal scholars have examined the impact of popular ideologies on the substance and early interpretation of the original federal and state constitutions. 1 This Article seeks to refine that body ...
    • The Implications for Law of User Innovation 

      Fisher, William W. (The Minnesota Law Review Foundation, 2010)
      With growing frequency, people who acquire mass-produced products are modifying them. The producers of some of those products seek to curb this practice. The law currently enables the producers to prevent or penalize some ...
    • The Jurisprudence of Justice Marshall 

      Fisher, William W. (Harvard Law School, 1989)
    • Legal Theory And Legal Education, 1920–2000 

      Fisher, William W. (Cambridge University Press, 2008)
    • Reconstructing the Fair Use Doctrine 

      Fisher, William W. (Harvard Law School, 1988)
      The fair use doctrine, codified at 17 U. S. C. § 107, permits a court to excuse a putatively infringing use of copyrighted material when the circumstances surrounding the use make it "fair." In this Article, Professor ...
    • Reflections on the hope poster case 

      Fisher, William W.; Cost, Frank; Fairey, Shepard; Feder, Meir (Harvard Law School, 2011)
    • Two Thoughts about Traditional Knowledge 

      Fisher, William W. (Duke University School of Law, 2007)
      Fisher argues the traditional knowledge of environmentalism and the public domain ideas by presenting two combined related themes involving the British colonist of Native Americans. The idea of devaluing the Indian's ...