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    • 2010 Circumvention Tool Usage Report 

      Roberts, Hal M.; Zuckerman, Ethan Robert; York, Jillian C; Faris, Robert M; Palfrey, John Gorham (2011-12-09)
      Circumvention tools allow users to bypass Internet filtering to access content otherwise blocked by governments, workplaces, schools, or even the blocked sites themselves. There are a number of different types of these ...
    • Censorship 2.0 

      Faris, Robert M; Wang, Stephanie; Palfrey, John (MIT Press, 2008)
    • Political Change in the Digital Age: The Fragility and Promise of Online Organizing 

      Etling, Bruce; Faris, Robert M; Palfrey, John Gorham (John Hopkins University Press, 2010)
      We conclude that policymakers and scholars that have been most optimistic about the impact of digital tools have over-emphasized the role of information, specifically access to alternative and independent sources of ...
    • Public Discourse in the Russian Blogosphere: Mapping RuNet Politics and Mobilization 

      Etling, Bruce; Alexanyan, Karina; Kelly, John; Faris, Robert M; Palfrey, John Gorham; Gasser, Urs (2010)
      We analyzed Russian blogs to discover networks of discussion around politics and public affairs. Beginning with an initial set of over five million blogs, we used social network analysis to identify a highly active ‘Discussion ...
    • Score Another One for the Internet? The Role of the Networked Public Sphere in the U.S. Net Neutrality Policy Debate 

      Benkler, Yochai; Faris, Robert M; Roberts, Hal M.; Etling, Bruce; Othman, Dalia (Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University, 2015)
      In this paper we study the public debate over net neutrality in the United States from January through November 2014. We compiled, mapped, and analyzed over 16,000 stories published on net neutrality, augmented by data ...
    • Web Tactics 

      Faris, Robert M; Zittrain, Jonathan L. (Writers & Scholars International, 2009)
      Robert Faris and Jonathan Zittrain chart the highs and lows for free expression online in 2009: from the triumph over Green Dam to cyber attacks.