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    • Negotiation? Auction? A Deal Maker's Guide 

      Subramanian, Guhan (Harvard Business School Publishing, 2009)
      What's the best way to buy or sell an asset? Should you hold an auction and accept the most attractive offer? Or should you identify the most likely prospects and negotiate with them privately? Auctions became increasingly ...
    • Neither Hayek Nor Habermas 

      Sunstein, Cass Robert (Springer Verlag, 2008)
      The rise of the blogosphere raises important questions about the elicitation and aggregation of information, and about democracy itself. Do blogs allow people to check information and correct errors? Can we understand the ...
    • Net Neutrality as Diplomacy 

      Zittrain, Jonathan L. (Yale Law School, 2010)
      Popular imagination holds that the turf of a state’s foreign embassy is a little patch of its homeland. Enter the American Embassy in Beijing and you are in the United States. Indeed, in many contexts—such as resistance ...
    • Net Regulation: Taking Stock and Looking Forward 

      Benkler, Yochai (Publication of the University of Colorado School of Law, 2000)
      The paper reports on a survey of over 700 bills and public laws passed in Congress in the 1990s in which keywords like "internet," "ecommerce," "Web" or similar terms appear. It maps these occurances as expressions of the ...
    • Networks of Power, Degrees of Freedom 

      Benkler, Yochai (2011)
    • Neuroscience and Sentencing 

      Gertner, Nancy (2016)
      This symposium comes at a propitious time for me. I am reviewing the sentences I was obliged to give to hundreds of men—mostly African American men—over the course of a seventeen-year federal judicial career. As I have ...
    • A New Approach to Takeover Law and Regulatory Competition 

      Bebchuk, Lucian Arye; Ferrell, Frank A. (Virginia Law Review Association, 2001)
      The paper puts forward a new approach to two corporate subjects that have been intensively debated in the last three decades, the regulation of takeovers and state competition in the production of corporate law. During ...
    • A New Approach to Valuing Secured Claims in Bankruptcy 

      Bebchuk, Lucian Arye; Fried, Jesse M. (Harvard University, Harvard Law School, 2001)
      In many business bankruptcies in which the firm is to be preserved as a going concern, one of the most difficult and important problems is that of valuing the assets that serve as collateral for secured creditors. Valuing ...
    • New Approaches to Comparative Law: Comparativism and International Governance 

      Kennedy, David W. (S.J. Quinney Law School, University of Utah, 1998)
    • New Approaches to International Law Bibliography 

      Kennedy, David W. (Harvard University, Harvard Law School, 1994)
    • The New Business Entities in Evolutionary Perspective 

      Hansmann, Henry; Kraakman, Reinier H.; Squire, Richard (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, College of Law, 2005)
      The many legal forms for business organizations that first appeared in the U.S. during the last thirty years - the Limited Liability Company (LLC), the Limited Liability Partnership (LLP), the Limited Liability Limited ...
    • A New Deal for Civil Liberties: An Essay in Honor of Cass R. Sunstein 

      Vermeule, Cornelius Adrian (2007)
      A central, organizing motif of Cass Sunstein's work is the effort to spell out the consequences of the New Deal for American law. I suggest that anyone who shares Sunstein's premises can and should go even farther in this ...
    • A New Era for Raiders 

      Subramanian, Guhan (Harvard Business School Publishing, 2010)
      The article presents information on corporate methods of preventing hostile takeovers by corporate raiders, such as the poison pill strategy. It is noted that some of these techniques have become less popular and effective. ...
    • The New Fable of the Bees 

      Vermeule, Cornelius Adrian (2011)
    • The New Food Safety 

      Broad Leib, Emily; Pollans, Margot J. (2019)
      A safe food supply is essential for a healthy society. Our food system is replete with different types of risk, yet food safety is understood as encompassing only foodborne illness and other risks related directly to food ...
    • The New International Law Scholarship 

      Goldsmith, Jack L.; Posner, Eric A. (published by students at the University of Georgia School of Law, 2006)
      This essay replies to criticisms advanced at a conference on our book, The Limits of International Law. We engage the critics on several methodological issues, we attempt to correct misimpressions about some of our arguments, ...
    • The New Legal Realism 

      Sunstein, Cass Robert; Miles, Thomas (University of Chicago Press, 2008)
      The last decade has witnessed the birth of the New Legal Realism - an effort to go beyond the old realism by testing competing hypotheses about the role of law and politics in judicial decisions, with reference to large ...
    • The New Policing 

      Heymann, Philip B. (2000)