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    • A Case of Forest Ecosystem Pest Management 

      Clark, William; Holling, C.S.; Dantzig, G.B.; Baskerville, C.; Jones, D.D. (International Canadian Conference on Applied Systems Analysis, 1975)
      The boreal forests of North America have, for centuries, experienced periodic outbreaks of a defoliating insect called the Spruce Budworm. In anyone outbreak cycle a major proportion of the mature softwood forest in effected ...
    • Methodological Problems in the Modeling and Analysis of Ecological Systems 

      Clark, William; Walters, C.J. (International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis, 1975-08)
      I would like to give you an overview of basic ecological modeling and analysis problems by discussing three things. First, I will try to explain the general attitude of systems-oriented ecologists towards their subject ...
    • Hypotheticality, Resilience and Option Foreclosure: Summary Notes of a IIASA Workshop 

      Clark, William; Swain, H. (International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis, 1975-07)
      An informal workshop on the themes of hypotheticality, resilience, and option foreclosure was held in Laxenburg on 7 July 1975. This Working Paper is meant to serve as an informal record of the workshop. It includes the ...