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  • Selective Regulator Decoupling and Organizations’ Strategic Responses 

    Heese, Jonas; Krishnan, Ranjani; Moers, Frank (Academy of Management, 2016-12)
    Organizations often respond to institutional pressures by symbolically adopting policies and procedures but decoupling them from actual practice. Literature has examined why organizations decouple from regulatory pressures. ...
  • Genre and Occasion 

    Nagy, Gregory (PERSEE Program, 1994)
  • Reproducibility of histopathological subtypes and invasion in pulmonary adenocarcinoma. An international interobserver study 

    Thunnissen, Erik; Beasley, Mary Beth; Borczuk, Alain C; Brambilla, Elisabeth; Chirieac, Lucian; Dacic, Sanja; Flieder, Douglas; Gazdar, Adi; Geisinger, Kim; Hasleton, Philip; Ishikawa, Yuichi; Kerr, Keith M; Lantejoul, Sylvie; Matsuno, Yoshiro; Minami, Yuko; Moreira, Andre L; Motoi, Noriko; Nicholson, Andrew G; Noguchi, Masayuki; Nonaka, Daisuke; Pelosi, Giuseppe; Petersen, Iver; Rekhtman, Natasha; Roggli, Victor; Travis, William D; Tsao, Ming S; Wistuba, Ignacio; Xu, Haodong; Yatabe, Yasushi; Zakowski, Maureen; Witte, Birgit; Kuik, Dirk Joop (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2012-07-20)
    Histological subtyping of pulmonary adenocarcinoma has recently been updated based on predominant pattern, but data on reproducibility are required for validation. This study first assesses reproducibility in subtyping ...

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