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  • Evolution of the mammalian fauces region and the origin of suckling 

    Crompton, Alfred; Musinsky, Catherine; Bonaparte, Jose; Bhullar, Bhart-Anjan; Owerkowicz, Tomasz (2018)
    Therian suckling requires the presence of two oral seals: an anterior one formed by the tongue partially surrounding the teat and pressing it against the palate, thereby closing the gap between the exterior and oral cavity; ...
  • Transmission of Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis Virus by Organ Transplantation 

    Fischer, Staci A.; Graham, Mary Beth; Kuehnert, Matthew J.; Kotton, Camille Nelson; Srinivasan, Arjun; Marty, Francisco Miguel; Comer, James A.; Guarner, Jeannette; Paddock, Christopher D.; Demeo, Dawn Lisa; Shieh, Wun-Ju; Erickson, Bobbie R.; Bandy, Utpala; DeMaria, Alfred; Davis, Jeffrey P.; Delmonico, Francis Leo; Pavlin, Boris; Likos, Anna; Vincent, Martin J.; Sealy, Tara K.; Goldsmith, Cynthia S.; Jernigan, Daniel B.; Rollin, Pierre E.; Packard, Michelle M.; Patel, Mitesh; Rowland, Courtney; Helfand, Rita F.; Nichol, Stuart T.; Fishman, Jay Alan; Ksiazek, Thomas; Zaki, Sherif R. (New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM/MMS), 2006)
    Background In December 2003 and April 2005, signs and symptoms suggestive of infection devel- oped in two groups of recipients of solid-organ transplants. Each cluster was inves- tigated because diagnostic evaluations ...
  • Activation of Cytomegalovirus in Pig-to-Primate Organ Xenotransplantation 

    Mueller, Nicolas; Barth, Rolf; Yamamoto, Shin; Kitamura, Hiroshi; Patience, Clive; Yamada, Kazuhiko; Cooper, David K. C.; Sachs, David H.; Kaur, Amitinder; Fishman, Jay Alan (American Society for Microbiology, 2002)
    Xenotransplantation of porcine organs carries the risk of reactivation of latent virus in donor and recipient tissues as well as transmission of viruses between species. We have investigated the activation of baboon ...

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