Recent Submissions

  • Here, Let Me Do It: Task Takeover Hurts Team Performance 

    Verrey, Jacob (2019-03-14)
    Takeover dilemmas are situations in which one person can take over a task that is being performed by another person. For example, a project manager can take over and assume control of the marketing report when his subordinates ...
  • Characterizing the Evolution of Contact Area in Frictional Interfaces 

    Pilvelait, Thomas (2019-05-15)
    Seemingly static interfaces between two solids are in fact dynamic. These multicontact interfaces (MCIs) exert enormous stresses on tiny contact areas, causing time-dependent deformation. Though these phenomena are ubiquitous ...
  • Modular Composite Outrigger for Stratospheric Balloon Experiment 

    Vietri, Riccardo Paolo
    Currently, most flavor development is performed by chemists who experimentally iterate many times to find flavors that best fit specified requirements. In this study, three potential algorithms for automating and accelerating ...

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