Recent Submissions

  • Refugee education and medium of instruction: Tensions in theory, policy, and practice. 

    Dryden-Peterson, Sarah; Reddick, Celia (Brill | Sense, 2021)
    This chapter analyzes the under-explored issue of medium of instruction for refugees, focusing on South Sudanese refugees in Uganda and Burundian refugees in Tanzania as illustrative cases through which to explore language ...
  • When is Psychological Safety Helpful? A Longitudinal Study 

    Higgins, Monica; Dobrow, Shoshana Ruth; Weiner, Jennie Miles; Liu, Haiyang (Academy of Management, 2020-12-18)
    Prior research has documented many benefits associated with team-level psychological safety. However, we know little about the boundary conditions of psychological safety, such as how it operates at the organization level ...
  • Who Knows Mathematics Well Enough to Teach Third Grade, and How Can We Decide? 

    Loewenberg Ball, Deborah; Hill, Heather; Bass, Hyman (2005)
    In this article, the authors describe a program of research they have been developing for more than a decade into the mathematical knowledge and skills that are used in teaching. Their research begins with examining the ...

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