Recent Submissions

  • Disrupted Data: Using Longitudinal Assessment Systems to Monitor Test Score Quality 

    An, Lily Shiao; Ho, Andrew Dean; Davis, Laurie Laughlin (Wiley, 2022-02-03)
    Technical documentation for educational tests focuses primarily on properties of individual scores at single points in time. Reliability, standard errors of measurement, item parameter estimates, fit statistics, and linking ...
  • A Bioinspired and Hierarchically Structured Shape-Memory Material 

    Cera, Luca; Gonzalez, Grant; Liu, Qihan; Choi, Suji; Chantre, Christophe O.; Lee, Juncheol; Gabardi, Rudy; Choi, Myung Chul; Shin, Kwanwoo; Parker, Kevin (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2020-08-31)
    Shape memory polymeric materials lack long-range molecular order enabling more controlled and efficient actuation mechanisms. Here, we develop a hierarchical structured keratin-based system that has long-range molecular ...
  • Language considerations in refugee education: languages for opportunity, connection, and roots 

    Reddick, Celia; Chopra, Vidur (Informa UK Limited, 2021-10-05)
    Currently 26 million people live as refugees, 40% of whom are school-aged. As global policy shifts to include refugee children and young people in education systems in settings of exile, language-in-education emerges as ...

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