Recent Submissions

  • The Computational Lens: from Quantum Physics to Neuroscience 

    Chou, Chi-Ning (2023-09-07)
    Two transformative waves of computing have redefined the way we approach science. The first wave came with the birth of the digital computer, which enabled scientists to numerically simulate their models and analyze massive ...
  • Clustering of Single-Cell and Text Data 

    Chen, Dieyi (2023-07-31)
    In recent years, we have witnessed the rapid growth of the data volume and a significant fraction of the unlabeled data. We study the problems of subject clustering in bioinformatics and document clustering in Natural ...
  • Disruption of mammalian SWI/SNF chromatin remodeler function in human disease 

    Patil, Ajinkya (2023-11-21)
    The regulation of chromatin architecture and accessibility is central to the control of gene expression programs that govern cellular identity, cell fate and lineage commitment, differentiation, and responses to stimuli. ...

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