Recent Submissions

  • Freedom: The Holberg Lecture, 2018 

    Sunstein, Cass Robert (2018)
    If people have freedom of choice, do their lives go better? Under what conditions? By what criteria? Consider three distinct problems. (1) In countless situations, human beings face a serious problem of “navigability”; ...
  • Nationwide shift to grass-fed beef requires larger cattle population 

    Hayek, Matthew Nassif; Garrett, Rachael (IOP Publishing, 2018)
    In the US, there is growing interest in producing more beef from pasture based systems, rather than grain-finishing feedlot systems due to the perception that it is more environmentally sustainable. Yet existing understanding ...
  • Foreword: International Tax Policy in a Disruptive Environment 

    Christians, Allison; Schön, Wolfgang; Shay, Stephen E. (2018)
    In this foreword to International Tax Policy in a Disruptive Environment: A Special Issue, the authors provide an overview of the two-day interdisciplinary conference that took place in Munich on 14-15 December 2017, and ...

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