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  • Juvenile Delinquents 

    Choi, Danielle (Informa UK Limited, 2018-07-03)
    Frederick Law Olmsted’s Franklin Park hosts a small hillside population of American beech saplings. Though juvenile in form, these small trees may be many years old, waiting for the mature canopy to die. This “micro-narrative” ...
  • Seeing Mumbai Through Its Hinterland: Entangled Agrarian-Urban Land Markets in Regional Mumbai 

    Balakrishnan, Sai (2018-03)
    The “money in the city, votes in the countryside” dynamic meant that in the past, agrarian propertied classes wielded enough power to draw capital and resources from cities into the rural hinterland. However, as cities ...
  • Delineating urban park catchment areas using mobile phone data: A case study of Tokyo 

    Song, Jihoon; Guan, ChengHe; Keith, Michael; Akiyama, Yuki; Shibasaki, Ryosuke; Sato, Taisei (Elsevier BV, 2020-05)
    Urban parks can offer both physical and psychological health benefits to urban dwellers and provide social, economic, and environmental benefits to society. Earlier research on the usage of urban parks relied on fixed ...

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