Recent Submissions

  • Why Am I Seeing This Ad? The Effect of Ad Transparency on Ad Effectiveness 

    Kim, Tami; Barasz, Katherine; John, Leslie (Oxford University Press (OUP), 2019-02-07)
    Given the increasingly specific ways marketers can target ads, many consumers and regulators are demanding ad transparency: disclosure of how consumers’ personal information was used to generate ads. We investigate how and ...
  • International Data on Measuring Management Practices 

    Bloom, Nicholas; Lemos, Renata; Sadun, Raffaella; Scur, Daniela; Van Reenen, John (American Economic Association, 2016-05)
    We examine methods used to survey firms on their management and organizational practices. We contrast the strengths and weaknesses of "open-ended questions" (e.g., World Management Survey) with "closed questions" (e.g., ...
  • Do Experts or Crowd-Based Models Produce More Bias? Evidence from Encyclopædia Britannica and Wikipedia 

    Greenstein, Shane; Zhu, Feng (2018)
    Organizations today can use both crowds and experts to produce knowledge. While prior work compares the accuracy of crowd-produced and expert-produced knowledge, we compare bias in these two models in the context of contested ...

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