Recent Submissions

  • Online Network Revenue Management Using Thompson Sampling 

    Ferreira, Kristine; Simchi-Levi, David; Wang, He (Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS), 2018-11)
    We consider a price-based network revenue management problem where a retailer aims to maximize revenue from multiple products with limited inventory over a finite selling season. As common in practice, we assume the demand ...
  • Consumer Disclosure 

    Kim, Tami; Barasz, Kate; John, Leslie (Wiley, 2020-12-12)
    As technological advances enable consumers to share more information in unprecedented ways, today’s disclosure takes on a variety of new forms, triggering a paradigm shift in what “disclosure” entails. This review introduces ...
  • Signalling Security: An Observational and Game Theory Approach to Inter-Pedestrian Psychology 

    Wu, Yifei; Li, Hansong (Elsevier BV, 2022-04)
    Whereas the mental health and personal safety of pedestrians have been the subject of both debates in the public sphere and discourses in social sciences, the interpersonal dynamic of citizens on foot remains so far ...

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