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    • Nature & the Neomnivore 

      Gasteratos, Kristopher Spiros (2017)
      Nature & the Neomnivore is an elaboration by Kristopher Gasteratos of the Cellular Agriculture Society's core tenant, "For the world." Animal agriculture, at its current scale, requires an exceptional degree of ecological ...
    • An Adaptable Passive Lower-Limb Prosthesis 

      Yang, Alexander (2017-03)
      While the need for rigorous and affordable prostheses in developing countries is serious, little to none of these devices exist and are available to lower-limb amputees. In addition, pediatric amputees in low-income areas ...
    • Moral Veritas - Utilitarianism 2017 

      Gasteratos, Kristopher Spiros (2017-11-27)
      Moral Veritas consists of technical & ethical analyses of revolutionary technologies on the horizon. This 2017 entry focuses on three such radical technologies under the moral lens of utilitarianism.
    • Consumer Interest Towards Cell-based Meat 

      Gasteratos, Kristopher Spiros; Sherman, Ryne (2018)
      In recent years, the prospect of producing “clean meat” ex-vivo without farming animals, has gained popularity as multiple startups around the world have showcased prototypes aimed at revolutionizing animal agbiotech. While ...
    • History & the Neomnivore 

      Gasteratos, Kristopher Spiros; Biehl, Colton (2018-05-03)
      The areas of concern within animal agriculture have become increasingly worse in the last few decades as the production capacity of animal products has increased rapidly. At the same time, the prospect of making animal ...
    • IQ and Poverty: Testing the Bell Curve on a Novel Data Set 

      Eid, Diab Tony (2018-05-11)
      In their controversial work The Bell Curve, Charles Murray and Richard Herrnstein hypothesize that intelligence plays a significant role in determining later life outcomes. Using data from the 1979 National Longitudinal ...
    • Stereotype Threat or a Lack of Control(s)? Evaluating Robustness Against Changes in Specifications 

      Hill, Remington Grey (2018-05-11)
      Affirmative action in higher education has been controversial since 1961. The Source of the River (Douglas Massey and Fischer (2003)) uses the National Longitudinal Survey of Freshmen—a demographic and socioeconomic survey ...
    • The Bell Curve Review: IQ Best Indicates Poverty 

      Palmer, Ben Scott (2018-05-11)
      The Bell Curve (Herrnstein and Murray (1994)) is a very controversial piece of economics literature. The Bell Curve, which examines the effect of IQ on various social problems, is broken down into four sections: “The ...
    • Parental Socioeconomic Status or IQ? An Exploration of Major Determinants of U.S. Poverty 

      Smith, Dillon Montgomery (2018-05-11)
      The Bell Curve by Charles Murray and Richard Herrnstein is one of the most controversial academic works of the last few decades. Using data from the National Longitudinal Survey of Youths (1979), we performed a number of ...
    • Regarding the Mismatch Hypothesis and Stereotype Threat in the Debate over Affirmative Action 

      Whitt, Walter Fuller (2018-05-11)
      The debate over affirmative action has played a significant role in shaping the world of academia over the past several decades. Accordingly, researchers Mary Fischer and Douglas Massey attempt to evaluate many of the ...
    • Revisiting the effect of affirmative action on minority student outcomes 

      Onuoha, Angel (2018-05-11)
      The use of affirmative action has been at the forefront of the debate regarding the fairness of the college admissions process for years. Utilizing data from the National Longitudinal Survey of Freshman (NLSF), M. Fischer ...
    • 90 Reasons to Consider Cellular Agriculture 

      Gasteratos, Kristopher (2019)
      90 Reasons is a list of prospective benefits cellular agriculture may offer upon global-scale introduction this century.
    • Gene Regulatory Network Analysis Reveals Transcription Factor Targets for Therapy of Aging Disorders 

      Shah, Kavya; Rubin, Lee (2020-11-05)
      Heterochronic parabiosis, a surgical process connecting the circulatory systems of young and old mice, is used to study the regulation of tissue aging and regeneration via protein factors found in blood. Several factors ...