Recent Submissions

  • Automatically Analyzing Brainstorming Language Behavior with Meeter 

    Huber, Bernd; Shieber, Stuart; Gajos, Krzysztof (Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), 2019-11-07)
    Language both influences and indicates group behavior, and we need tools that let us study the content of what is communicated. While one could annotate these spoken dialogue acts by hand, this is a tedious, not scalable ...
  • An intestinal zinc sensor regulates food intake and developmental growth 

    Redhai, Siamak; Pilgrim, Clare; Gaspar, Pedro; Giesen, Lena van; Lopes, Tatiana; Riabinina, Olena; Grenier, Théodore; Milona, Alexandra; Chanana, Bhavna; Swadling, Jacob B.; Wang, Yi-Fang; Dahalan, Farah; Yuan, Michaela; Wilsch-Brauninger, Michaela; Lin, Wei-hsiang; Dennison, Nathan; Capriotti, Paolo; Lawniczak, Mara K. N.; Baines, Richard A.; Warnecke, Tobias; Windbichler, Nikolai; Leulier, Francois; Bellono, Nicholas; Miguel-Aliaga, Irene (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2020-03-18)
    In cells, organs and bodies, nutrient sensing is key to maintaining homeostasis and adapting to a fluctuating environment1. In the digestive system of many animals, enteroendocrine cells harbour nutrient sensors; less is ...
  • Non-reciprocal transmission of microwave acoustic waves in nonlinear parity–time symmetric resonators 

    Shao, Linbo; Mao, Wenbo; Maity, Smarak; Sinclair, Neil; Hu, Yaowen; Yang, Lan; Lončar, Marko (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2020-05-18)
    Taking advantage of the piezoelectricity of lithium niobate, we achieve nonreciprocal transmission of 10 decibels for a 200-MHz surface acoustic wave using parity-time- symmetric resonators and demonstrate one-way circulation ...

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