Recent Submissions

  • Nationalism Revisited and the State 

    Rothschild, Emma (Project MUSE, 2023-06)
    The paper examines the political and economic circumstances in which Frank Knight wrote "Economic Theory and Nationalism" in 1934–1935 and the changing politics of state power in relation to economic life. It points to new ...
  • Slavery and the Economic Lives of Women 

    Rothschild, Emma (Project MUSE, 2023-03)
  • Wartime in the history of economic thought: episodes in European history 

    Rothschild, Emma (Informa UK Limited, 2023-10-13)
    The paper is concerned with war in the history of economic thought. It looks at disputes about abstraction versus historicism over the long 19th century, in relation to war and the state. It then looks at the historical ...

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