Recent Submissions

  • Betrayal Aversion: Evidence from Brazil, China, Oman, Switzerland, Turkey, and the United States 

    Bohnet, Iris; Greig, Fiona; Herrmann, Benedikt; Zeckhauser, Richard (American Economic Association, 2008-02)
    Due to betrayal aversion, people take risks less willingly when the agent of uncertainty is another person rather than nature. Individuals in six countries (Brazil, China, Oman, Switzerland, Turkey, and the United States) ...
  • Gender and Persistence in Negotiation: A Dyadic Perspective 

    Bowles, Hannah Riley; Flynn, Francis (Academy of Management, 2010-08)
    We studied interactive effects of gender in negotiation dyads, theorizing that the degree and manner of a negotiator’s persistence are functions of the gender composition of the dyad. Our findings challenge sex-stereotypic ...
  • What Models Do 

    Rodrik, Dani (Oxford University Press, 2015)

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