Recent Submissions

  • Negotiating the Gender Gap 

    Bowles, Hannah Riley (2011-08)
  • A Model of When to Negotiate 

    Babcock, Linda; Bowles, Hannah Riley; Bear, Julia (Oxford University Press, 2012-09-20)
    This article reports a model explaining previously identified gender differences in negotiation and generating new and testable insights. It specifically addresses how prescriptive gender stereotypes affect evaluators' ...
  • Reconceptualizing What and How Women Negotiate for Career Advancement 

    Bowles, Hannah Riley; Thomason, Bobbi J.; Bear, Julia B. (Academy of Management, 2019-03-21)
    We propose a conceptual framework for expanding the scope of future research on the role of gender in career negotiations. Extant research on gender in career negotiations emphasizes women’s disadvantages relative to men ...

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