Recent Submissions

  • Glossary of First-Order Logic 

    Suber, Peter (1999)
    This glossary is limited to basic set theory, basic recursive function theory, two branches of logic (truth-functional propositional logic and first-order predicate logic) and their metatheory.
  • Youth and Artificial Intelligence: Where We Stand 

    Hasse, Alexa; Cortesi, Sandra; Lombana Bermudez, Andres; Gasser, Urs (Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society, 2019-05)
    While much has been written about the impacts of artificial intelligence (AI) on society more broadly, little work has focused on how youth (12-18-year-olds) interact with and are impacted by AI. This spotlight reviews ...
  • Now That You Have It, What Are You Going To Do With It and How? 

    Britton, Anne (University of Chicago Press, 2000-10)
    Cataloging Internet art creates an opportunity for libraries to provide immediate access to contemporary artworks for an unlimited number of patrons. This paper addresses some practical aspects of cataloging and archiving ...

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