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    • Pharmacological Targeting of the Pseudokinase Her3 

      Xie, Ting; Lim, Sang Min; Westover, Kenneth D.; Dodge, Michael E.; Ercan, Dalia; Ficarro, Scott B.; Udayakumar, Durga; Gurbani, Deepak; Tae, Hyun Seop; Riddle, Steven M.; Sim, Taebo; Marto, Jarrod A.; Jänne, Pasi A.; Crews, Craig M.; Gray, Nathanael S. (2014)
      Her3 (ErbB3) belongs to the epidermal growth factor receptor tyrosine kinases and is well credentialed as an anti-cancer target but is thought to be “undruggable” using ATP-competitive small molecules because it lacks ...