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    • r(equivalent): A Simple Effect Size Indicator 

      Rosenthal, Robert; Rubin, Donald B. (American Psychological Association, 2003)
      The purpose of this article is to propose a simple effect size estimate (obtained from the sample size, N, and a p value) that can be used (a) in meta-analytic research where only sample sizes and p values have been reported ...
    • R-Code a Very Capable Virtual Computer 

      Walton, Robert L. (1995)
      This thesis investigates the design of a machine independent virtual computer, the R-CODE computer, for use as a target by high level language compilers. Unlike previous machine independent targets, R-CODE provides higher ...
    • The r-endings of the IE middle 

      Jasanoff, Jay H. (Harrassowitz Verlag, 1977)
    • An R-Process Kilonova Associated With the Short-Hard Grb 130603b 

      Berger, Edo; Fong, W; Chornock, R (IOP Publishing, 2013)
      We present ground-based optical and Hubble Space Telescope optical and near-IR observations of the shorthard GRB 130603B at z = 0.356, which demonstrate the presence of excess near-IR emission matching the expected brightness ...
    • R2 corrections for 5D black holes and rings 

      Guica, Monica; Huang, Lisa; Li, Wei; Strominger, Andrew (Springer Verlag, 2006)
      We study higher-order corrections to two BPS solutions of 5D supergravity, namely the supersymmetric black ring and the spinning black hole. Due to our current relatively limited understanding of F-type terms in 5D ...
    • The Rab2A GTPase Promotes Breast Cancer Stem Cells and Tumorigenesis via Erk Signaling Activation 

      Luo, Man-Li; Gong, Chang; Chen, Chun-Hau; Hu, Hai; Huang, Pengyu; Zheng, Min; Yao, Yandan; Wei, Shuo; Wulf, Gerburg; Lieberman, Judy; Zhou, Xiao Zhen; Song, Erwei; Lu, Kun Ping (2015)
      SUMMARY Proline-directed phosphorylation is regulated by the prolyl isomerase Pin1, which plays a fundamental role in driving breast cancer stem-like cells (BCSCs). Rab2A is a small GTPase critical for vesicle trafficking. ...
    • Rabies Internalizes into Primary Peripheral Neurons via Clathrin Coated Pits and Requires Fusion at the Cell Body 

      Piccinotti, Silvia; Whelan, Sean P. J. (Public Library of Science, 2016)
      The single glycoprotein (G) of rabies virus (RABV) dictates all viral entry steps from receptor engagement to membrane fusion. To study the uptake of RABV into primary neuronal cells in culture, we generated a recombinant ...
    • Race 

      Shelby, Tommie (Oxford University Press, 2012)
      Reflecting on the idea of “race” and the normative significance of race relations is an essential part of the enterprise of political philosophy. The principal goal is to think systematically about whether, and if so how, ...
    • Race and Genetics: Attempts to Define the Relationship 

      Fullwiley, Duana (Cambridge University Press, 2007)
      Many researchers working in the field of human genetics in the United States have been caught between two seemingly competing messages with regard to racial categories and genetic difference. As the human genome was mapped ...
    • Race and IQ in the postgenomic age: The microcephaly case 

      Richardson, Sarah S (Nature Publishing Group, 2011)
      A convergence of contextual factors, technological platforms and research frameworks in the genomics of the human brain and cognition has generated a new postgenomic model for the study of race and IQ. Centered on the case ...
    • Race and Reputation: Perceived Racial Group Trustworthiness Influences the Neural Correlates of Trust Decisions 

      Stanley, Damian A.; Sokol-Hessner, Peter; Fareri, Dominic S.; Perino, Michael T.; Delgado, Mauricio R.; Banaji, Mahzarin R.; Phelps, Elizabeth A. (The Royal Society, 2012)
      Decisions to trust people with whom we have no personal history can be based on their social reputation—a product of what we can observe about them (their appearance, social group membership, etc.)—and our own beliefs. The ...
    • Race in the American Mind: From the Moynihan Report to the Obama Candidacy 

      Bobo, Lawrence D.; Charles, Camille Z. (SAGE Publications, 2009)
      In 1965 Daniel Patrick Moynihan observed that the “racist virus in the American blood stream still afflicts us.” The authors assess the tenor of racial attitudes in white and black America across the ensuing four decades. ...
    • A Race through the Maze of Genomic Evidence 

      Hughes, Timothy R; Roth, Frederick Phillip (BioMed Central, 2008)
    • Race, Class, and American Polarities 

      Hochschild, Jennifer L. (Penn State University Press, 1998)
    • Race, Class, Politics, and the Disappearance of Work 

      Hochschild, Jennifer (Taylor and Francis, 2017-06-05)
      “When Work Disappears” has shaped research agendas on poverty, racial hierarchy, and urban social and economic dynamics. That is a lot for one article, yet two issues warrant more analysis. They are the ways in which ...
    • Race, Identity and Citizenship in Black Africa: The Case of the Lebanese in Ghana 

      Akyeampong, Emmanuel (Cambridge University Press (CUP), 2006-08)
      As we approach the post-colonial half century, transnationalism has become a major reality in Africa and the wider world with the proliferation of immigrants, refugees and displaced persons. But transnationalism is not a ...
    • Race, Region, and Vote Choice in the 2008 Election: Implications for the Future of the Voting Rights Act 

      Ansolabehere, Stephen Daniel; Persily, Nathaniel; Stewart, Charles, III (Harvard University, 2010)
      The election of an African American as President of the United States has raised questions regarding the continued relevance and even constitutionality of various provisions of the Voting Rights Act (VRA). Barack Obama's ...
    • Race, Self-Selection, and the Job Search Process 

      Pager, Devah; Pedulla, David (University of Chicago Press, 2015)
      While existing research has documented persistent barriers facing African-American job seekers, far less research has questioned how job seekers respond to this reality. Do minorities self-select into particular segments ...
    • Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Crime and Criminal Justice in the United States 

      Sampson, Robert; Lauritsen, Janet L. (University of Chicago Press, 1997)
      Although racial discrimination emerges some of the time at some stages of criminal justice processing-such as juvenile justice-there is little evidence that racial disparities result from systematic, overt bias. Discrimination ...
    • Racial Categories in Medical Practice: How Useful Are They? 

      Braun, Lundy; Fullwiley, Duana; Fausto-Sterling, Anne; Hammonds, Evelynn M.; Nelson, Alondra; Quivers, William; Reverby, Susan M.; Shields, Alexandra E. (Public Library of Science, 2007)